Friday, November 27, 2009


The shift started at 7pm, I had a ho-bag prepared with 4 types of condoms (regular, small, large and non-latex), water based lube, silicon lube, dental dams, wet wipes and mouth wash. Dorian started at the same time. I was kind of cool to have a mate there too. We chose rooms next to each other. Mine had a four poster bed and a wall of mirrors. We high-fived occasionally during the night.

So we put on our dresses and heels and started to chat with people in the lounge. the brothel is a 2 story building, lounge and office on the ground and bedrooms upstairs. I spoke with several men who seemed more interested in each other. I had a fascinating conversation with a diamond trader... He was a TV salesman who would occasionally move watches or diamonds from his contacts in Asia. I asked him about the effect of man-made diamonds on the industry and other witty things that gave him a the opportunity to demonstrate his knowledge.

It was well over an hour before anyone asked me to go upstairs and when they did it was rather or of the blue. I was politely asked by the biggest burliest most rugged looking man in the place (with a black eye to boot) that I had hardly spoken to. Eek, it was exciting, no really. It's so easy to judge men, to make assumptions based on their mannerisms and appearance. My apprehension was quelled by curiosity and delight in the craziness of it all.

The dude was cool, massive guy (in both ways I got to use an XL condom), incredibly appreciative and fun. He booked for an hour and extended for an additional 20 minutes. I haven't learnt pacing very well and nor am I very good at getting a guy to come fast. He seemed to like it when I was noisy... Dorian in the room next door got to hear my very loud moans. He asked a few personal questions and asked me how much I would charge to visit him regularly once a week. Not bad. I declined taking his phone number and told him to ask for me by name at the brothel.

After that I was shagged. When I was chatting to the duty manager about my first job I was spotted by a guy who seemed to take a shine to me and therefore got number 2 straight away. He asked me if he could come twice in the hour, I said no, if he wanted to come twice he would have to get 2 hours at least... I thought it best just to make up a rule and say it like it was policy. This guy was totally different lean and shy, I thought he could have been Pacifica but turns out he was South East Asian. Amazingly smooth light brown skin and dark brown dick. I'm learning a whole lot here. He was into pleasing me, he spent most of his time pleasuring me, there were a few moments throughout the evening when I thought 'I can't believe I'm getting paid for this'. He asked me out for a coffee which was sweet and surprising. He wasn't in the least bit shocked when I declined.

Guy number three was the only client who really spoke with me first, again, lovely. He works in what sounds like a full-on job in community health (not a sector that really pays enough for guys to be spending their time in brothels). I was getting used to chatting to guys and being selected by guys who I hadn't talked to. Clients don't come to a brothel for conversation. So this guy really shone out. I was regurgitating other peoples ideas on right-wing and left-wing views of physical purity (right wing think we shouldn't do drugs or explore sex, left wing think we shouldn't eat the food that tastes good) and he says "you are so attractive right now".

I also had to use the large condoms again... seeing different men so close together has really made me appreciate the differences in cocks. I also became acquainted with a Prince Albert piercing for the first time. He was a delight. I think that when a guy is seeing a hooker he can tell her what he wants without fearing judgement. I got to bite on his nipples till he howled in pain. Awesome. Dorian in the next room also got to hear that... I feel we have taken our friendship to the next level. Client number 3 also talked about his age, how he was getting on, how he felt the pressure to be settling down... that felt weird given that he was a year younger than me (of course I didn't tell him).

The duty manager kindly saved a really cute guy for Dorian and myself (kind of a gift to the new girls) and so we got chatting to him. He was hot - really hot - deep rolling voice, sparkling eyes, gentle laugh. I gave Dorain the opportunity to be with him by excusing myself from the conversation to go to the toilet. If I came back and they were still downstairs I would have started a campaign of hair-flicking, arm-touching and leg-rubbing. But when I came back the sofa was empty. He booked with Dorian for 2 hours and they had a lovely conversation. I don't think that guy really has the hang of what brothel is for.

There was a huge void around 2-8am. But at 4.30am Dorian and I (who were hanging about the lounge playing old tunes on the jukebox with and singing along with the other girls) both got booked for half an hour. I was tired and I don't feel like I really was giving this guy the attention he deserved. He was quiet and nervous and lay very still. At one point I felt like I was screwing a corpse... the weirdest thing about that is that's when I had an actual genuine orgasm (weird). So I came and he didn't. I don't really feel like he got enough bang for his buck. Sweet guy though, he said he would really like to have a girlfriend who is just like me.

So that was it, 4 guys and a lot of waiting around. particularly the 6-8am stretch. Almost all the girls were sitting about waiting. That would never happen if we were on an hourly wage. It was cool. I need to learn pacing, timing and how to bring a guy to orgasm fast (aside from the tickle the prostrate trick... not all guys are into that). I earned $400.

I had fun and I'd like to do it again. I think I could get really good at it. But 13 hours is ridiculous. I have slept most of today and know that my body clock is going to be out to whack for a while. So I'll talk to The Manager next week and ask about the possibility of working a shorter shift during the busiest hours. Otherwise I think I'll just leave it. I don't have the time flexibility for this job.

Just in case I don't work again I stole a pillow case that has "Escort Services" printed on the corner.

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