Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm working tonight. I'm excited, I get this little smirk on my face at the idea. It's exhilarating to have a secret.

I dropped into my local NZPC - the New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective. I told them that I was about to start in the industry and what should I know. I chatted to a lovely woman who maintained an exquisite balance of utter elegance without intimidation and was hot but still approachable. A true pro.

They gave me a prostitutes' starter pack filled with a range of condoms. Apparently it is industry standard in this profession to always supply your own condoms. I imagine this could become very expensive without the NZPC that sells wholesale sized boxes at lower-than-wholesale prices. Also in my pack was a huge tube of lube and loads of pamphlets and brochures covering all sorts of things. I'll take their magazine - siren - along on on my shift to read during down times.

I was also able to get sponges. I have used a popular commercial equivalent before called Beppy. They are inserted during period times and sit right up near the cervix to absorb blood. because they are soft it's possible to have sex while using them and they go unnoticed. Admittedly as wonderful as sponges are they can be an utter pain to remove... a lot of crouching and reaching.

In preparation I have also done an extreme amount of personal grooming. Hair dyed, legs shaved, nails done, feet pumiced, skin moisturised, hair set into a nice-yet-durable style. And then there are my pubes... shaved underneath, waxed at the sides, trimmed on top and dyed, yes dyed. the carpet now matches the curtains.

My main concern now is not being too tired at the end of a 13 hour shift at the end of a 40 hour week.

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