Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And it starts.

I picked a place. I'd like to say that I scoured the web and cross referenced all establishments by searching for feedback... but no, I just liked the website of the second place I found, checked out the outside of their building and gave them a call. They said to come in to meet the manager.

I sent the URL to my friend who had been a high class call girl in Europe to hear her thoughts. This amazonian beauty gave me a good solid list of questions and things to look out for. I felt pretty good, prepared and better informed. Amazon (she really deserves a better name but she's the type of woman that is impossible to sum up in a single noun, so Amazon will have to do) outlined normal timeframes (1-2 hours is standard), refusal policies, and alcohol (some places like the girls to encourage the clients to buy heavily marked-up drinks... which can end up with being drunk while working unless the bar is secretly pouring sodas for the girls).

Then I got an amazing surprise.

I had asked my innocent looking but very open minded friend the names of sex acts that I had seen listed on the first website and she asked me what I was up to. I of course answered that I was looking for a brothel to see if I could have a go at being a prostitute to see if I like it (thinking that no one was really going to take me seriously). Then Dorian (named after the Oscar Wilde story) quietly mentioned if I was serious, I said yep, and then said... "because this is something I have done."

Well fuck-me-for-money - you just can't ever tell who has worked or is working in the industry! Dorain was a very high class courtesan at a more expensive brothel. I learnt a lot from her in the conversation that followed the revelation. The best quote "it's a job, you can't glamourise it nor vilify it, it's just a job."

So we decided to give this new place a try together. I have a buddy, a rare asset in this industry.

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