Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hopes and reservations

So I'm thinking about becoming a prostitute. Of course I have reservations, but having sex with strangers is not one of them and neither is accepting money for sex. But first: what I'm looking forward to.

I am excited about having the possibility to to access a whole secret world, a world that is different and new and fascinating. Meeting people, learning to listen and listening to men uncensored, men in an environment where they can feel open and relaxed and free to say what they want... what do people say when they have that opportunity? Understanding people better. Sex - and in particular, sex with strangers. Subsidising my income. Having a new experience, opening up another world that could be challenging and eye opening. Discovering more about sex... getting better at sex (they say practice makes perfect). having a reason to be well groomed. I always wanted to be one of those ladies who has nice nails and smooth feet and who smells nice, but I'm just too lazy to maintain the levels of beauty that I aspire to. I'm also looking forward to learning the arts of seduction - I will be doing background research on this.

So my list of reservations is: I might be too old, I'm over 30 which I think might be hard to compete with younger working girls. I'm also of average weight, and build, and in my mind people don't visit prostitutes for average, they are paying for something special, something they can't get normally. I'm wondering if I have the right look, I am unsure of how to market myself, I have a girl-next-door rounded, wide-eyed face, I have a retro style but I'm also tattooed and pierced. I also wonder if I'm too emotionally attached to my body, I wonder if I get a client who I don't click with if I will resent them... that's a bridge-crossing get-there situation.

I do have a few things working in my favour. I'm in New Zealand where prostitution is legal which means a much safer industry than in other countries. I'm well spoken, educated, and travelled so i feel like I can converse and interact with a wide range of people, and can offer something that younger girls can't. I can also enter a higher lever here than I world be able to in europe where the level of sophistication is generally much higher. In new Zealand women where backpacks and flat shoes so it doesn't take much so sparkle with femininity.

One last concern... am I good enough to go professional?

Finding the right place is crucial, so I'm looking and ringing around now. I hope to check out some places this weekend.

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