Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays

The joy of a New Zealand Christmas is that the Summer weather is wonderful. It's the best time of year to take off.

I worked on Christmas Eve - my first day shift. It was a very civilised 9am - 7pm slot which suits me a lot better that the 7pm - 9am night(mare) shift. It was very steady and I managed to get 6 jobs; my largest yet.

The brothel was closed on Christmas day. I would not have worked Christmas day, it's a day where family comes first. I ended up having a great day hanging out with my immediate family.

I worked Boxing Day which was much quieter, only 4 jobs. But, I had my first outcall. What happens on an outcall: the driver drops the girl outside the house/hotel, she goes in, she receives and counts the money and then phones the brothel. If everything is ok she simply says so, of anything is not ok here is a subtle code word slipped into the sentence. If that code word is said the driver will come back to the door otherwise the driver will slip away.

I have never felt more hookerish than knocking on someone's door at two in the afternoon deep in the suburbs whilst wearing an evening dress and stilettos... only to emerge smoothing my hair an hour later.

Over the weekend I also has the pleasure of meeting my favourite client (so far). A salesman, sweet, straight to the point and absolutely comfortable with prostitution (it seems amazing how many clients are not that comfortable with hiring a woman for sex despite the fact that that is what they are there for). He comes for sex, he is polite and friendly but never in doubt that he is there for a service. He knows the rules and doesn't overstep the mark. He would be a regular that I would be delighted to see again.

One of the things I have been curious about is the numbers, how many people a prostitute has sex with, so I'll keep a running total.

Shifts worked: 4
Unique clients: 19
Total jobs: 19

I'm thinking about taking the opportunity to start recording other details (the relation between foot size and penis size has been well documented as myth so I won't bother with that one) I was thinking about a comparison between those who attempt to take liberties (ask not to wear a condom or not take a shower) to demographics like age or nationality. I'll have a think about it and come up with a spreadsheet for the new year.

I have changed the setting so that now you can make comments anonymously - but you still have to do a catchapa.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Deal breakers

Prostitution is not your normal day job. It can be physically and emotionally draining, the service we provide the clients is personal, intimate and completely customised. There are a lot of things to consider so I've come up with a list of deal-breakers. When I know that this is not right for me, or when I've had enough. I'm not going to put a time limit on it, nor will I pack it in if I have a bad night... all jobs have good days and bad days. it's a learning curve, this is something I want to get good at. It's something I want to learn.


• If part time prostitution in any way effects my day-job. I love my day job, I get paid well for what I do, it's fun and secure. I don't ever want to turn up to work tired, run-down or not focused.

• If I ever feel like the management has not got my back. I am pretty good at looking after myself, and I have the law on my side but if push came to shove I have to be certain that the establishment put me before the client.

• If I ever don't want to do it. Seems obvious I know, but many people stay in a job they don't like. I'm doing this for interest not for need.

I'm sure I'll come back and add to this page, but for now, that's it.

I'm going to pop in to the brothel to see what their Christmas hours are and if I can pick up a day shift before I head off on a Summer break, I have a cute red dress and a santa hat that really doesn't get enough time out of the closet.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I have had the very lucky fortunate to know two very lovely women who have worked (and will work again) in the industry. The Amazon, an exotic beauty overseas, (the one who sent me a list of things I should look out for in a brothel) called me before my first shift to wish me luck and to have loads of fun. She has also called me since to catch up and hear about my experiences. She thinks she is a bad influence... I think she's awesome.

Dorian worked with me on my first night, she likes the place but is not into the hours, also she has worked for a much higher class place - the kind of place that is busiest during the day when business men can schedule in "meetings" to explain their absences. So I think the next time she works she'll probably try out a new place. I get to see her a lot which means I have someone I can chat to about tricks of the trade and seek advice. Which reminds me, I must memorise her bodyslide technique, it brings all the boys to the yard.

For now I'm happy with just those two people knowing, I know most of my friends will neither be surprised or unhappy if they discovered I am selling my affections at an hourly rate, but somethings are best kept quiet.

You know you're a prostitute when...

You know you are a prostitute when you have sex with 5 different men in the space of 10 hours and at the end of the shift can't remember them all. maybe it's just me. Friday night was good. Before the shift I was still slightly nervous and a bit turned on, I kept having to pee.

I got 5 bookings (unfortunately for much shorter time spaces than my first night), and had some good conversations. The men I have met at the brothel seem to have very low expectations of the conversation so it's not difficult to impress.

1st guy, old man possibly the worst kisser in the world - 20 minutes
2nd guy, young chap, possibly with some level of a mental health disorder like asperger's syndrome... and possibly the 2nd worst kisser in the world - 30 minutes
3rd guy, first didn't want to take a shower, then seemed to think that condoms were negotiable, he learnt the rules pretty fast - 1 hour
4th guy, really sweet, first half hour he went down on me, and for the second half he wanted to be hugged - bliss - 1 hour
5th guy, 22 year old rugby player, really shy, I think he had watched too much porn in his formative years - 20 minutes

There's this fantastic woman called Cindy Gallop who has made a web page called make love not porn that raises some really good issues. Hard core pornography is ample on the web and easier to access for young boys than other forms of sex education. Unfortunately hard core porn give a very limited understanding of sex. It's nice to have the opportunity to gently and positively direct young men into better sexual practices. I think you should always leave a lover in better condition than when you found them.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Signin' up

I popped in and spoke to The Manager during the week. I said that I really enjoyed working but can't handle the 13 hour shifts. She seems to like me, which is nice. She said she can offer me a 10 hour shift 9am-7pm on a Saturday or a Sunday. Excellent.

I'm working tonight - Friday night - from 7pm till 5am. Much better than 8am. After that I'm not going to work till the end of the month (my weekends are pretty full at the moment) and then after the summer holidays I'll be signing up for one day-shift a week. I think I can make this work. If I work only one day a week, I think I can almost double my income without it effecting my day job.

I'm also going to look into registering for tax, and (unrelated) I've decided to move house. I'm now really looking forward to next year. I think life has just got a whole lot better.