Friday, September 3, 2010

Can’t get laid in a brothel

I'm finding this place rather humbling. In New Zealand I found that I shone out as a more refined, elegant and eloquent lady in my mid-range brothel, here I’m struggling to gain a foothold against beautiful women who are more charming, groomed, and experienced than me. I have to up my game, but how? How does one become better at selling sex with oneself specifically? Sex sells, we know that, but with when sex is on offer from a luscious bevy of ladies how do I sell myself?

The girls are all very nice, they are really helpful and pass on tips and information about the clients freely. But holy fuck they are a league above.

There is a stunning brunette, she’s 40 but hardly looks like she has dipped into her 30s, she has a natural pose, grace and elegance, she’s used sex work to fund qualifications in practical physics. She is one of those people who I wish would write an autobiography, it would be incredibly readable.

There is an angelic lass from Perth who has come over for a couple of weeks. It’s a 3.5 hour flight for me to come from NZ, for her is was over 4 hours. She’s a hard worker, she stays all night and takes 4 hour sleep breaks then gets back to work. She comes all the way to the East Coast to earn some money and keep it separate from her clean life as a mum of 4 kids, business owner and loving wife. Two things stand out about her, one she has 4 kids to her husband and has the body of a gymnast with stunning features, and two, she talks to her husband after each shift and tells him how it went. Amazing.

There’s a 19 year old Pacific Islander, who has a face of her age but a voice and manner of an educated woman years above.

And a sweet wife who’s husband thinks she’s working at a rub-and-tug place, but misses brothel work.

There is another kiwi lass who with a wig glides across the floor like a high class prostitute or a bond girl, but at the end of the shift when she removes the wig and make up is a fresh faced, sporty girl next door.

And two utterly lovely lasses, a blonde and a brunette, so friendly and sweet, this blows me away. They know I'm only about for a week. They get tons of girls who just come through for a short time to make a few bucks, they don't need to be nice or put the effort in to get to know me.

These are genuinely lovely women, and I think that is what makes them genuinely great prostitutes. Rocking the fake tans, acrylic nails, implants, peroxide, false lashes and hair extensions are some of the most articulate, socially aware, thoughtful, interesting people I have met. This is what makes this brothel 5 stars, this babes are fucken top quality.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Holy shit this place is fancy!

After a manicure, full wax and a flight, I have arrived in Sydney, and found my way to the brothel. It's 5 stars! Friendly greeting and a quick tour, I choose my shifts for the upcoming week, lament the lack of wireless and retire to my room... it’s one of the brothel’s bedrooms. Business has been really slow so they can afford to use the space for accommodation purposes. The brothel - like the NZ one that I work in - is 24 hours, however, instead of splitting the time into two shifts 13 hours over night and 11 hours during the day all the shifts are 8 hours and overlap providing a continuous flow of ladies.

Each room has a minibar, large flat-screen TV, bed made up with an abundance of cushions, Indian cotton sheets, complementary soaps, mouthwash, shoe horn, shampoos and conditioners all packaged in tiny stylish containers. Honestly beautiful. The girls have a lovely mirrored changing room down stairs, and food is provided. No really, all food is provided.

In my NZ brothel a girl answers the door, the client is brought into a lounge of women like a lamb to the slaughter. Girls can engage in conversation or ignore the client, there is a kind of mutual respect among the girls that prevents interrupting or pushiness. Here the client is greeted by the receptionist who leads him in, offers a complementary drink and the girls introduce themselves one at a time.

The introductions are key, some girls come straight in with the sex talk asking if they are looking for anything special, others take a more friendly approach. I have been trying both, finding my footing. If there are a lot of girls on the introductions need to be kept short about 2 minutes. On a couple of occasions while introducing myself - trying to be friendly, fun, sexy, warm, genuine and charming in under 2 minutes - another girl has come up and stood a metre away. A beautiful blonde lean 22 year old. It’s really hard to keep a guys attention under those conditions.

I'm here for a week, I'll keep you posted.