Saturday, January 30, 2010

My first rejected client

Another day shift at the brothel, I have settled into if comfortably although I'm missing having a 2 day weekend. I do well, I have one definite regular and have received positive feedback. I've noticed that although I'm older, shorter, fatter and less provocatively dressed than the other girls I often do better.

Yesterday I got my first cancelation/rejection. A client had spent a lot of time in the lounge treating it more like a pub than a brothel, he was quite drunk. Deciding to be a bit cheeky and not to waste my time I simply said "Are you booking or looking luv?" With that he booked one hour. At the base of the stairs he grabbed my butt, I told him he had to wait till we were in the room. At the top of the stairs he did it again - "look honey, you got to understand that I don't tolerate bad behaviour, so before we go into this room you have got to understand that there are rules and etiquette and if you play up I have not problem in kicking you out." He didn't appreciate my tone or attitude so decided to cancel.

He hung around in the brothel and complained to the other girls and clients that he was being bossed around, not the best but I think empathy was biased on my side. One of the girls said that he is pretty rough even when not drunk, so even though I felt a bit shaky afterwards I was the right call and I'm glad I laid down the law.

Best thing I got from that is knowing that the shift manger had got my back. Totally. She had no qualms offering to transfer the client's hour to another girl, and when he decided to eventually leave she had no qualms giving him a full refund. She also didn't feel the need to ask me why he came back down stairs, I never had to justify or explain the clients dissatisfaction. That was cool.

I'm providing a service, I want to do the best job can, I have pride in my work, I endeavour to show each client a good time. This only works with a mutual respect and understanding. One of the understandings is that that room is my room and I set the rules and limits.

In other news, outside of work, I fancy a boy. This is new for me, I have been single for a long time, and what's playing on my head as we start dating is, when and how do I tell someone I want a sexual relationship with that I also have sex with other people? I believe in honesty, but I also believe in self preservation.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An expensive indulgence

Last Saturday I got my second outcall, this one was quite different. A young lad in his late teens or early twenties living in his well-to-do parent's house. He was on holiday and working in retail. Boy, this kid was sweet, quite nervous, thoughtful, friendly, sensitive, funny, kind. He was definitely a geeky (in a good way), and super intelligent.

Knowing that he worked in retail and was a university student I had to wonder, why would he spend so much money on the affections of a prostitute delivered to is door... this would be so much more of a sacrifice for him than for the middle aged business men who frequent the brothel. The kid had competent social skills, he was at university so had access to lots of girls, it seemed weird to me.

Then it dawned on me, he was sensitive and intelligent. I think the service I provided was about practice and trying new things. What intelligent young man would want to bumble through his first experiences with a girl he fancied when he could get some practice hours under his belt and really get to know his way around a woman's body without the emotional attachment or the worry of what she thought of him.

I now have a regular slot at the brothel doing a day shift one day a week, so I'm officially a part time prostitute. Whoo-hoo. I have also refined my notes for my own curiosity and record, it helps to have them on hand when a familiar face walks through the door, I can quickly look them up and remember what they like. I had my first repeat customer too, a sign of a good hooker, it gives me pride in my work.

Here is that data I'm collecting (note a few of these things I have to guess as I'm not going to interview every client or have the time to extract the information in conversation, and of course a couple are just my opinion):

How much time did he book?
what is his age?
what is his nationality?
what is his ethnicity?
is he circumcised?
did he ask for extras? (I don't do extras like anal or without condom but of course get asked)
what is his kissing like on a scale of one to ten?
what is his sexual ability like on a scale of one to ten?
Is he a unique or repeat customer?
Was it an outcall?

I think I can honestly maintain this job for a full year. My biggest fear at the moment is the social stigma, it'll be big for me if people found out and I don't sit comfortably with secrets. Although having said that it does kind of feel like I have a secret identity... almost like a superhero.

Shifts worked: 6
Unique clients: 25
Total jobs: 26

Monday, January 18, 2010

January sales and a thesis to prove

Back from holiday and back to work. I have a list now of the details that I'll collect. Mostly because it's fascinating, a bit because it is nice to have a record and know if I don't write it down it could all fade into a haze, and also because I have a theory...

Previous experience has led me to believe that circumcised men complain more about wearing condoms (presumably because they have lost a useful section of skin with about 10,000 delightful nerve endings and because their sensitive internal organ has been forced to become an exposed external organ) and circumcised men are worse at sex (again I assume it is due to the loss of feeling that they need to bang away like pumpjack). Male circumcision never bothered me before but now as I'm seeing the direct effect it has on men the more I am outraged by it.

Obviously whether a man is 'good' as sex or not is personal opinion, so any data I collect on that is utterly fallible. However it has astounded me how many men protest using a condom when with a prostitute. I mean really, what are they thinking!? And those requests can categorically be monitored as they are declined.

I also indulged in the January sales buying 4 cocktail dresses for work. Next month I'll start saving.