Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The interview

I work at an office during the day so arranged to stop by the brothel after work. I wondered If I needed a resume for this. If so, it would be a great opportunity to mention the few weeks I worked as a lap-dancer which had always sadly been missing from my resume.

I rung the doorbell and was greeted by a perky young asian girl wearing something closer to a slip than a dress. I smiled a a client just leaving who also reinforced the stereotype of a brothel and waited in the dimly lit hallway to speak to The Manager.

The Manager was a woman in her late 40s who would look tough if it wasn't for sparkly eyes and very long lashes. She welcomed me in and ran through her spiel. Dorian had been in earlier that day and had asked a 'fuck-ton' of questions so I knew if I didn't ask something Dorian would probably have asked it. The Manager was very good with straight-up information and was happy to answer my many questions.

Times start from 20 minutes which I understand to be pretty short in this business. It's definitely not what I would consider top-of-the-range, but I think it will be a good place for a first-time-whore. Clients are greeted at the door and led into a lounge where another girl offers hot drinks - cold drinks are available for a price "we're a brothel not a bar". The client makes his selection and arranges time-length and payment with the floor manager. Each girl gets their own room for the shift. The biggest shock was discovering that the standard shift length was 12-13 hours. This is where I think some contract negotiation skills could come in handy.

After I agreed to one night to try it out to see how I go The Manager took some details:

"How old are you?"
- she writes '22' on the card
- 5.4
"Dress size?"
"Size 12"
- Dress: 10

etc until the card is filled with the description of the woman I'll be portraying on Friday night.

Not only did I not need my resume, no questions were asked about my abilities, talents, 10 year plans, or what drew me to this career choice. The questions were simply about what I was happy to do. I guess it is a survival of the fittest type job and I'm sure The Manager wouldn't be surprised if I didn't turn up on Friday.

Friday night... what am I going to wear?

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