Monday, August 30, 2010


Occasionally clients can’t draw the line between fantasy and delusion. Recently I had this one job client who first proudly told me how he had ‘saved’ a girl from prostitution. What arrogance! Why support an industry you think someone needs to be saved from? Everything you give money to you support. dick.

Then he asked me where I worked (I’m happy to tell clients I have a day job, I even go so far to say it’s in the city or that I do office work). I coyly told him that a girl’s got to have some mystery. he asked me if I have a boyfriend, I said whether I do or not has nothing to do with our time together. Next he asked if he could have my phone number (I guess he thought his line of questioning was charming) by not my response had left coy and turned to cool: “no”.
Then he asked “maybe you could not use a condom.”
“Do you understand where you are?”
“Have you been her before?”
“So you understand the agreement we have here, there are certain things that are not negotiable.”
“but I just thought...”
“No exceptions.”
He lost his erection, I only felt bad for a second, he continued to sulk quietly. i got to work in peace and he eventually left a happy customer.

Still a dick though.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Taking it further

I've now become comfortable in my secret life as a part time hooker. I thought I'd take it a step further, so I bought a strap on.

Now what? I can take it into work in the hope that a change request will come up. So far only one client has indicated an interest that would warrant a device like this. I really wouldn't want to bring it up in conversation, I don't want to scare them away.

I'm thinking of creating a menu of extras that can casually sit on the bedside table, just so clients know that there are other options beyond vanilla sex and they come with an extra price. I've just got to find the delicate wording that would be both clear and tactful for such a menu. Also, what are the going rates? I'm just going to make it up based on a regular hourly rate of $200 and what I would be happy with. Here is what I have so far.

Happily provided free of charge:
Body slide with oil
Giving you a hand job
Giving you a blow job
Cuddles and spooning
Tell you a story
Listen to your story

I would be happy to provide the following services for you:
Giving anal play - $30
Rimming you - $40
Using a dildo on you - $40
Cock ring - $30
Strap-on - $50
Giving you a toe-job/foot massage - $30
Restraining you lightly (silk scarves) - $50
Blindfolding you - $30

I would be happy to receive the following from you:
Come on my back or belly - $50
Receiving toe-job/foot massage - $20
Receiving oral sex - $30
Receiving hand job - $40

I dress in stockings and suspenders - $20
I dress you in stockings and suspenders - $60
Please let me know your desires, I'm open to suggestion

I don't know. I'm still thinking it through, I really want to be clear about the differences between giving and receiving. Giving a fantastically good foot massage takes a lot more work than receiving one. Giving a hand job is a lot easier for me than enduring a rough, dry and overly enthusiastic hand job from a client that can leave me raw and make the rest of the day difficult. And I have no problems with anal sex as long as I'm the one doing the penetrating.

Also, I have decided to take a working holiday for a week to Australia. I'm planning to go in, work hard for about 6 days, have a couple of days for shopping and sight seeing, make a lot of money and head back here.

Australian prostitution laws are similar to New Zealand ones. I have already done a bit of internet research, found a nice place that charges AU$300 per hour (that's NZD$380). I emailed them with photos and a link to that adult forum review and lined up some work. I'm rather proud of myself. It might be a good place to try out my menu. I hear that they charge extra for everything over there, including blow jobs, body slides and hand jobs.

Note to self, must buy a cock ring and find out what exactly I'm supposed to do with it.

Length of time I've been a working girl: 9 months
Total shifts worked: 30
Total jobs done: 92
Total unique clients: 64