Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Getting a booking

One of the reasons I started this blog was because I was curious as to what actually happens in a brothel. I know what generally happens, but I was looking for details. I think I have been working long enough now to give you a general idea of a pretty average booking.

The brothel where I work is a two story building, discreetly located and with ample parking. The open plan ground floor mostly consists of a reception area, a lounge, and smoking area. The rooms are upstairs, and each girl has her own room for the entire shift.

I arrive early in the morning, I'm normally first, occasionally I meet the night girls packing up and heading home. I normally take the same room and the cleaners now know to clean my room first. I unpack my bag: liquid soap and loofa inside the shower (the soap provided is not very nice and the dispenser sometimes doesn't work), a bottle of listerine and a hair-tie outside the shower.

The bedside table has a lamp and a box of tissues provided. I place a nice display of three regular condoms, three large and three small on the table with a bottle of baby oil and a container of lubricant. In the drawer I unpack more condoms, clean underwear, moist towels and my make-up. My coat, comfortable shoes and bag is pushed under the bed.

I carry a handbag that I only use in the brothel, it contains whatever book I'm reading, notebook, pen, super-stay lipstick, mirror, a purse with condoms and lube for outcalls, menstrual sponges and tampons (just in case), deodorant, nail file, nail polish, wallet and phone. Everything I need for the day and no extra clutter.

We wait in the lounge, reading our books until the doorbell rings. Some girls chat, some girls smoke, some girls nap, we make cups of tea, and chill. We answer the door ourselves. I always have the shot of fear that on the other side of the door it might be someone I know. It hasn't happened yet, but New Zealand is a very small country. A new guy often chooses to book the girl who greeted him at the door, so it's always a good idea. The men often walk past straight to the reception desk ignoring you. I totter along behind spewing out pleasantries, and offering a hot drink or a glass of water.

The time wasters, or tire-kickers will dome straight in, get themselves a drink and sit themselves down, from the moment the doorbell rings all books are away, all shoes are on and all girls are looking as available (but not necessarily as amicable) as possible.

We get chatting, sometimes it's hard work, sometimes the conversation just flows. Many men will make a decision early and book straight away (this is all done at the reception desk with the shift manager), others need to be convinced. To be honest none of us really do much convincing, we are all nice and friendly but open flirting and overt conversation is not often done, maybe because we try to maintain a level of etiquette downstairs, or more likely because we all know it's a brothel and we can't be bothered giving it the hard sell.

Sometimes men will push it "so what do you do?", "are you a nympho?", "What are you into?" this could be because they are looking for something in particular, or it could be because they are looking for some free dirty talk for the wank-bank. I find it's best to answer with something like "my specialities are diverse" (I know that's an oxymoron I could guarantee you that the client would miss it) "is there something in particular that you are looking for?".

When a client books either they go to the shift manager who then calls the chosen girl over, or they ask the girl directly who will then lead them to the shift manager to take the booking. The shift manager is always very clear about the amount of time paid for "Lucy, could you please look after John for one hour." that way there is no misunderstanding about booking times. In order for him to relax and so he relates to me on a human level I continue my pleasantries all they way to the door. I want to ensure that I give the impression that I am providing a service, and I'm not a product for hire.

So that takes us from the door of the brothel to the door of the room. I'll tell you the rest in another post.

x Lucy

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