Saturday, July 17, 2010


I had a performance review for my day job a few days ago, it went well my boss is happy with my work and I got a nice pay rise. But he mentioned something that got thinking a wee bit too much. He asked me if it was about time that I should think about a career instead of just a job. He's right, I'm in my 30s (my hooker age is 26, I think a good way to get a hooker age is half your age plus 9) and have never had a career.

I like to travel, so generally I grab a job, stick with it for a couple of years and save enough to travel. But now I'm starting to think about what happens next. Something I have never considered before. If it is just a job then I might as well work only 4 days a week at the office and 2 days a week at the brothel where I earn more money, have a more relaxing day and I'm a whole lot more interested in the industry.

I really like my job, and there appears to be a lot of room to move up from being an office lady, but it is not in a field that I'm interested in. I'm going to talk to a friend in London tonight, I would have chatted with him earlier but finding a reasonable time for a call between NZ and UK during the week is difficult.

Boring post, I know, at least it's short. I'll blog more about prostitution soon.

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