Saturday, July 24, 2010

An average job: In the bedroom

I had a great day yesterday, 4 bookings, three of which were regulars, and one was a new client who wanted to do some fantasy role play, I charged him an additional $80 for it. I made $600 which I think is my best day so far. I'm really getting the hang of this. Let me tell you about how a normal job is with a new client.

After the client has made the booking (see below for how we get to this point) I lead him up the stairs. I find it important to take control and establish the lead right from the start.

After we enter my room I make my first physical gesture: sometimes a light stroke to the shoulder, a touch on the cheek, sometimes a kiss. I make eye contact and offer a compliment: "mmm you smell nice", "you look like you are going to be a lot of fun", "what lovely eyes you have". I know it sound cheesy, but I want them to know that I'm happy to have them in the room and that I'm looking forward to sharing time with them.

We'll say this is an hour job, which is pretty standard. If they have visited prostitutes before they will normally start undressing. It's standard practice to have have shower first and most guys know this. A few will ask not too "I've just had a shower, I don't need another" or worse "It's ok, I'll have a shower after". There is only a couple of clients that I have let get away without showering, both regulars, one because he has difficulty walking and standing without support and the other one because I like his smell. I almost always use the line "how about I warm the shower up for you" I got that line from the lovely Dorian.

While he is in the shower I remove the cover from the bed, place the two very thin pillows on top of each other at the head of the bed and lay down a towel. Most importantly I remove my dress and with my back to the shower squirt a small dob of lubrication onto two fingers and slip it into my vagina. Logically I'd leave my dress on for as long as possible to use up more time, but it's too much of a challenge slipping in the lube without getting it on my dress. I then pose seductivly in my underwear on the bed while I wait for him to finish showering.

As soon as the shower is turned off I greet him with a fresh towel and as he steps out I offer to dry his back. It's all about timing and pacing, I dry his back, then up and down the backs of his legs by standing beside him and bending over. I sometimes talk, sometimes listen, but mostly stroke his skin and lead him over to the bed. This generally takes us to 10 past the hour.

I like to offer a massage with oil. I find this a great way to stretch out the time and make him super comfortable. I start with the back, I'm not a trained masseuse so I avoid pressure on the spine and simply try to do whatever I think feels nice. After the back, I get him to roll over. I use tons of baby oil and massage chest, arms and legs. It's important at this point to get loads of oil over the legs in order to master an excellent body slide. I remove my bra, pour oil over my chest and with is help smear it around. With both of us covered in oil several minutes can be used sliding up and down his body with mine. This works a hell of a lot better on a man with less hair.

Bu now we have got to about 25 past the hour. I use a tissue or towel to wipe oil away from his cock (it can effect the performance of the condom). Sometimes I give a handjob with lube, but mostly I put on a condom with my mouth. I generally always start this way with the client lying down on his back - he gets a nice relaxing experience where he is pleasured without having to put to much effort in or make any decisions.

Everyone is different, sometimes there are a lot of positions, I find doggy style good if I want a guy to come quickly. Sometimes guys prefer a handjob or a blowjob, sometimes they want to pleasure me, other times they are all about the kissing and cuddling.

After he comes I remove the condom, use a moist wipe or towel to wipe away any fluids. I think a lot of working girls see this as the moment that their job is done, but I like to give a good service until the end of the session. I will stroke their hair and tell them how much I enjoy being with them. I leave 10 minutes for him to shower again and dress, I often jump in the shower with him, scrub his back and shower myself. I leave the shower first so he has a bit of time to rinse off and I can dry off and dress. If I don't shower with him I wear a towel and shower after he leaves.

I always walk him to the bedroom door and give him a peck or a hug before he leaves, I tell him that I hope to see him again soon.

It's pretty simple, and it's a lot about pacing, I want to give the client the maximum amount of pleasure but I also don't want to spend 30 minutes out of every hour hard-out fucking. The guys who book longer are usually after the girlfriend experience, so a 3 hour job is less exhausting than three 40 minute jobs.


  1. Fascinating blog! Really enjoyed reading your posts...great insight into the daily life of a brothel worker, even quite arousing in some points!

    Doubtless comparisons will be made to 'Belle' and I only hope that this as genuine as it feels rather than a crafty ride on Belle's success (if it is a hoax - it's certainly convincing!)

    Kinda makes me wish I lived in NZ so I could find out the truth for myself!

    Be safe :)

  2. Hi Marco,

    Thank you for your comments and complements.

    I blog in the wake of Belle. She broke a lot of new ground.

    I'd like to think that if I was writing this as a fictional piece I would go into a bit more detail about the clients, managers and other girls, I'd give myself full time work in a brothel instead of once a week and I'd definitely boost my number of jobs to sound more impressive.

    I like your last blog post, and I totally related to the not-blogging thing. Thanks again for your comment you have inspired me to get writing.

    Lucy - not my real name.

  3. As 'Dorian' referred to in the blog, I can promise you Lucy is completely real and a total pro!

    xoxo 'D'

  4. Hey Dor,

    Cheers for the support, great to know you are reading.


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