Sunday, December 6, 2009

You know you're a prostitute when...

You know you are a prostitute when you have sex with 5 different men in the space of 10 hours and at the end of the shift can't remember them all. maybe it's just me. Friday night was good. Before the shift I was still slightly nervous and a bit turned on, I kept having to pee.

I got 5 bookings (unfortunately for much shorter time spaces than my first night), and had some good conversations. The men I have met at the brothel seem to have very low expectations of the conversation so it's not difficult to impress.

1st guy, old man possibly the worst kisser in the world - 20 minutes
2nd guy, young chap, possibly with some level of a mental health disorder like asperger's syndrome... and possibly the 2nd worst kisser in the world - 30 minutes
3rd guy, first didn't want to take a shower, then seemed to think that condoms were negotiable, he learnt the rules pretty fast - 1 hour
4th guy, really sweet, first half hour he went down on me, and for the second half he wanted to be hugged - bliss - 1 hour
5th guy, 22 year old rugby player, really shy, I think he had watched too much porn in his formative years - 20 minutes

There's this fantastic woman called Cindy Gallop who has made a web page called make love not porn that raises some really good issues. Hard core pornography is ample on the web and easier to access for young boys than other forms of sex education. Unfortunately hard core porn give a very limited understanding of sex. It's nice to have the opportunity to gently and positively direct young men into better sexual practices. I think you should always leave a lover in better condition than when you found them.


  1. ...I have never left a lover in better condition than when I found them and I'm proud of it... :-D

    Enjoying the read babe!


  2. Thanks babe.

    You are an awesome friend even if you are a 'bad friend'.