Saturday, December 19, 2009

Deal breakers

Prostitution is not your normal day job. It can be physically and emotionally draining, the service we provide the clients is personal, intimate and completely customised. There are a lot of things to consider so I've come up with a list of deal-breakers. When I know that this is not right for me, or when I've had enough. I'm not going to put a time limit on it, nor will I pack it in if I have a bad night... all jobs have good days and bad days. it's a learning curve, this is something I want to get good at. It's something I want to learn.


• If part time prostitution in any way effects my day-job. I love my day job, I get paid well for what I do, it's fun and secure. I don't ever want to turn up to work tired, run-down or not focused.

• If I ever feel like the management has not got my back. I am pretty good at looking after myself, and I have the law on my side but if push came to shove I have to be certain that the establishment put me before the client.

• If I ever don't want to do it. Seems obvious I know, but many people stay in a job they don't like. I'm doing this for interest not for need.

I'm sure I'll come back and add to this page, but for now, that's it.

I'm going to pop in to the brothel to see what their Christmas hours are and if I can pick up a day shift before I head off on a Summer break, I have a cute red dress and a santa hat that really doesn't get enough time out of the closet.

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