Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays

The joy of a New Zealand Christmas is that the Summer weather is wonderful. It's the best time of year to take off.

I worked on Christmas Eve - my first day shift. It was a very civilised 9am - 7pm slot which suits me a lot better that the 7pm - 9am night(mare) shift. It was very steady and I managed to get 6 jobs; my largest yet.

The brothel was closed on Christmas day. I would not have worked Christmas day, it's a day where family comes first. I ended up having a great day hanging out with my immediate family.

I worked Boxing Day which was much quieter, only 4 jobs. But, I had my first outcall. What happens on an outcall: the driver drops the girl outside the house/hotel, she goes in, she receives and counts the money and then phones the brothel. If everything is ok she simply says so, of anything is not ok here is a subtle code word slipped into the sentence. If that code word is said the driver will come back to the door otherwise the driver will slip away.

I have never felt more hookerish than knocking on someone's door at two in the afternoon deep in the suburbs whilst wearing an evening dress and stilettos... only to emerge smoothing my hair an hour later.

Over the weekend I also has the pleasure of meeting my favourite client (so far). A salesman, sweet, straight to the point and absolutely comfortable with prostitution (it seems amazing how many clients are not that comfortable with hiring a woman for sex despite the fact that that is what they are there for). He comes for sex, he is polite and friendly but never in doubt that he is there for a service. He knows the rules and doesn't overstep the mark. He would be a regular that I would be delighted to see again.

One of the things I have been curious about is the numbers, how many people a prostitute has sex with, so I'll keep a running total.

Shifts worked: 4
Unique clients: 19
Total jobs: 19

I'm thinking about taking the opportunity to start recording other details (the relation between foot size and penis size has been well documented as myth so I won't bother with that one) I was thinking about a comparison between those who attempt to take liberties (ask not to wear a condom or not take a shower) to demographics like age or nationality. I'll have a think about it and come up with a spreadsheet for the new year.

I have changed the setting so that now you can make comments anonymously - but you still have to do a catchapa.


  1. Your first outcall! Exciting!!!

    As you know I pretty much only ever did outcalls and there is something so deliciously naughty about walking out of a hotel at four in the morning and winking at the bell boy. Or taking the tram after a night's work standing there tarted up with an absolute fortune in your bag between the 9to5 commuters...
    Mind you, if at all possible I would have a change of clothes in my bag and try to get the client to leave first so I could have a shower and try all the bathroom goodies at the hotel!

    How's your tips?


  2. Hi Amazon!

    It was exciting, actually the whole thing is wonderfully exciting.

    My work is no where near as high-class as yours was. It wasn't a hotel, it was a private residence, and not a fancy one at that. The client could have put the money into hiring a cleaner for much longer-term benefits. Ah boys, they just don't think that way.

    On my first night I got enough tips to buy a fabulously trashy pair of very high heels, I made sure to use the exact same notes. Since then I have only made one tip, I think I can work on improving that. Actually I think there is a lot I can improve on, but it's a good skill-set to have.

    X Lucy