Sunday, December 6, 2009


I have had the very lucky fortunate to know two very lovely women who have worked (and will work again) in the industry. The Amazon, an exotic beauty overseas, (the one who sent me a list of things I should look out for in a brothel) called me before my first shift to wish me luck and to have loads of fun. She has also called me since to catch up and hear about my experiences. She thinks she is a bad influence... I think she's awesome.

Dorian worked with me on my first night, she likes the place but is not into the hours, also she has worked for a much higher class place - the kind of place that is busiest during the day when business men can schedule in "meetings" to explain their absences. So I think the next time she works she'll probably try out a new place. I get to see her a lot which means I have someone I can chat to about tricks of the trade and seek advice. Which reminds me, I must memorise her bodyslide technique, it brings all the boys to the yard.

For now I'm happy with just those two people knowing, I know most of my friends will neither be surprised or unhappy if they discovered I am selling my affections at an hourly rate, but somethings are best kept quiet.

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