Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Holy shit this place is fancy!

After a manicure, full wax and a flight, I have arrived in Sydney, and found my way to the brothel. It's 5 stars! Friendly greeting and a quick tour, I choose my shifts for the upcoming week, lament the lack of wireless and retire to my room... it’s one of the brothel’s bedrooms. Business has been really slow so they can afford to use the space for accommodation purposes. The brothel - like the NZ one that I work in - is 24 hours, however, instead of splitting the time into two shifts 13 hours over night and 11 hours during the day all the shifts are 8 hours and overlap providing a continuous flow of ladies.

Each room has a minibar, large flat-screen TV, bed made up with an abundance of cushions, Indian cotton sheets, complementary soaps, mouthwash, shoe horn, shampoos and conditioners all packaged in tiny stylish containers. Honestly beautiful. The girls have a lovely mirrored changing room down stairs, and food is provided. No really, all food is provided.

In my NZ brothel a girl answers the door, the client is brought into a lounge of women like a lamb to the slaughter. Girls can engage in conversation or ignore the client, there is a kind of mutual respect among the girls that prevents interrupting or pushiness. Here the client is greeted by the receptionist who leads him in, offers a complementary drink and the girls introduce themselves one at a time.

The introductions are key, some girls come straight in with the sex talk asking if they are looking for anything special, others take a more friendly approach. I have been trying both, finding my footing. If there are a lot of girls on the introductions need to be kept short about 2 minutes. On a couple of occasions while introducing myself - trying to be friendly, fun, sexy, warm, genuine and charming in under 2 minutes - another girl has come up and stood a metre away. A beautiful blonde lean 22 year old. It’s really hard to keep a guys attention under those conditions.

I'm here for a week, I'll keep you posted.


  1. It seems very strange that a brothel would be open for 24 hours! I can't imagine there is much business during the day-time? Doesn't every girl tussle for the late evening, weekend shifts?

    It's great to hear that even a working girl can take a busman's holiday! :)

  2. Hi Cool Hand

    I think it is common for brothels to be open 24 hours, my NZ brothel is actually only 24 hours over the weekend and if business is flowing.

    I thought the opposite. I thought business would be best during the day as business men schedule themselves a cheeky long lunch or a 'personal development' meeting. I thought people would drop in for an hour or so in much the same way (and the same times) that they would use a gym. I was wrong.

    There is a nice steady daytime clientele at my regular brothel, but at this one it's all nights and party boys that keep it flowing.