Monday, August 30, 2010


Occasionally clients can’t draw the line between fantasy and delusion. Recently I had this one job client who first proudly told me how he had ‘saved’ a girl from prostitution. What arrogance! Why support an industry you think someone needs to be saved from? Everything you give money to you support. dick.

Then he asked me where I worked (I’m happy to tell clients I have a day job, I even go so far to say it’s in the city or that I do office work). I coyly told him that a girl’s got to have some mystery. he asked me if I have a boyfriend, I said whether I do or not has nothing to do with our time together. Next he asked if he could have my phone number (I guess he thought his line of questioning was charming) by not my response had left coy and turned to cool: “no”.
Then he asked “maybe you could not use a condom.”
“Do you understand where you are?”
“Have you been her before?”
“So you understand the agreement we have here, there are certain things that are not negotiable.”
“but I just thought...”
“No exceptions.”
He lost his erection, I only felt bad for a second, he continued to sulk quietly. i got to work in peace and he eventually left a happy customer.

Still a dick though.


  1. Oh my dear girl, you have the patience of a saint, handling such an affront to your good self with grace and aplomb.
    This situation happened to a working friend of mine once.
    Suffice to say she did not have your diplomatic skills or patience. And suffice to say he did not leave a happy dick. He left with the express order never to visit the establishment ever again under pain of severe disciplinary action by the HUGE security bloke.

  2. This is an interesting post - I imagine that the girls must encounter a lot of these types of people. Because of the stigma attached to prostitution, it only attracts certain portions of society. Those with open-minds who I guess have decided to visit because of curiosity and the fantasy (these types I can imagine happliy obeying the rules, which perhaps even strengthen the fantasy). The other group are those that don't seem to have many morals and a little detached from social norms...they're the risky ones. I wonder whether it is easy to spot those two types of visitor, and perhaps the girls would choose to avoid the troublemakers? Am I on the right line or way off?

    Also, I believe it's quite a fantasy in itself to 'save a girl from prostitution'. The idea is certainly displayed in the media - usually anything dealing with prostitution ends with the girl being "rescued" from the profession...I suppose it's the fantasy of taking the attractive girl with all that sexual experience and turning her into the loyal, obedient housewife (but keeping the slutty side of her character). I would have thought that the fantasy of 'taking you away from all of this' would have cropped up quite often!

  3. Hi guys,

    Thanks heaps.

    I do get variations of the same comments a lot, but normally guys know when to stop asking. It is annoying to hear "are you sure" when you have just declined a request (most common stupidly being without condom - idiots)

    I have tried to categorise clients into groups, I just can't they are really diverse. Some want sex, some want attention, some want a fantasy, some think they are better than the working girl, others seem to feel a guilty like they are exploiting us.

    For me personally I prefer the this-is-business-I-just-want-to-get-laid-by-a-nice-lass types to the I-really-want-you-to-have-a-good-time-I-want-to-please-you types that can involve a bit more acting.

    It's a hugely diverse group. I don't think I could label them into groups if I tried.

    Dan - I admire the actions of your working friend. I do go out of my way for good customer relations, sometimes I think it might be better to just say that it's not working and they should try someone else.


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