Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm not very good at remembering people

I can't seem to remember faces, or names particularly well. Recently I have seen a few men about town who may or may not have been my clients. A couple have given me a little nod so I have nodded back and smiled then instantly wished I had winked because that would be a much cuter gesture... actually, I'm not that practiced with my wink, it might end up looking like I have something in my eye.

Tonight I was at a bar with some friends and met a mutual acquaintance who maybe had been a client, maybe not, I honestly don't know. I have been over my notes and don't seem to recognise him from there. But he did call me 'baby' at the bar and said when we were introduced "oh we already know each other very well". Do we? It is quite possible that he was never a client but we have met before. I do wish I had a better memory for people.

Since I last blogged I have worked another 2 shifts, the highlights include an old chinese man who was like a 12 year-old boy in mentality, he would grab my breast like he was squeezing melons, squeal in delight then hug me enthusiastically. There was an Afghani man who was hairy like a gorilla and who had shaved himself with clippers so he was prickly all over and the sheets stuck to him like velcro. There was a lovely truck driver who just wanted to talk, from him I learnt how to bleed poppies for opium. There was also a endearingly sweet man who was a virgin, I asked him if he wanted to stay that way, he said yes, so I gave him an amazing body slide - thanks to the amazing body slide technique taught to me by Dorian - and he left satisfied and with his virginity still in tack.

The boy continues to be amazingly tolerant of my lifestyle choice, a quality that I treasure, it can't be easy dating a hooker. I asked around the other working girls and they generally don't tell their partners. One client I had dated a working girl for a long time and said he found it very hard. Relationships do change things, I can't quite put my finger on it at the moment but I find I spent a lot more time acting at work now, as opposed to just being. I don't speak to the boy about specific events at work. I even found myself unusually uncomfortable talking about a recent court case in New Zealand in which a client was fined for requesting to not use a condom during oral sex (I have not been able to find any information on this online).

I went to my doctor today, got a prescription for condoms and an appointment to have a blood test to see if my last hepatitis B vaccination is still working. Prevention is better than cure.

Shifts worked : 10
Total Jobs : 41
Total unique clients : 38


  1. Hi, interesting blog and I may start to follow with you permission. I saw you through my good blog mate snow queen.
    One thing that struck me was your 'prescription for condoms' line. What's with that?
    Good luck with the Hep B Vax

  2. Hi Dan, of course you are more than welcome to follow. I'm a secular humanist myself (I think I would be rather hypocritical if I belonged to any religion), and by golly your housemate sounded like a nightmare! - great story though.

    As a contractor I supply my own condoms, lubricant, etc. In New Zealand to by a box of 12 condoms from a supermarket it costs $12, I can get condoms from the New Zealand prostitute's collective for $2 for the same amount, or I can get a prescription from my doctor for 12 boxes of 12 for only $3. They are prescribed for both disease control and for contraception. I think it is the same (or similar) in Australia.

    I got my Hep B shot in Melbourne in 2000 and a booster in 06, but Hep B immunisations last between 5-10 years (which means that the booster might not have worked), So I'm getting a test to see if I'm still immunised. If not I'll have to get another series of 3 shots. There is no vaccination for Hep C.

    Nice to meet you
    X Lucy

  3. Hi Lucy, thanks for the info. Yes there is a similar scheme in Oz as well and a lot of the locals will go to the PC or needle exchange to get all their gear for free.
    Ugh, tell me about Hep C. I don't think I'm ready just yet to go through the rigours of Interferon/Ribivarin therapy. I can see a blog coming up about that one haha.
    Nice to meet you too

  4. Hep C isn't so often sexually transmitted, Dan, but Hep B is. Hep C is spread by blood, such as unsterilised equipment with drug use, tattoos, blood tranfusions etc. It lives basically in blood and survives longer than HIV. Like say if I carried it and had a nosebleed, snorted something with a straw and traces of blood remained, I give someone else the straw.....if they had small cuts, sensitive blood vessels it can also be transmitted that way on the odd heavy coke users who share straws are at risk too but not many are aware. Not so risky as needles but something to think of....truly there are all sorts of ways it can be transmitted, some people never know, piercings, tatoos, cuts, anything. Heard a few cases of people who were not high risk (i.e not drug addicts, people who'd had tranfusions) who had it and could not imagine how they had, it is only very rarely transmitted via sex so is not an STD like hep b.

    a bit like HIV isn't transmitted through saliva but can be through semen etc. As far as blood goes Hep C is easier to catch than HIV as the HIV virus does not survive outside the body for more than a few minutes, but hep c can do for weeks, thats why I've known heroin addicts who've shared needles not many have HIV but most have hep c. One of them weird diseases you can carry for years but not get ill from, sometimes never, but some people do get very ill from it, die very young, and then a minority are immune. Guess that liver virus must've mutated into different strains just like any virus.....there are millions of strains of cold flu viruses etc, only they are airbone and less harmful. Your body can fight off hep b alone but less often the c strain. The best way to ward off any sleeping thing like that is probably to live healthily, I know people who have it and do not look after themselves, are alcoholics who never ear, alcohol obviously aggravating the liver and all. Many of them die young.....I've known a few ex junkies turned alkies destroyed their livers that way.

  5. Hey thanks for the Hep C info, My doctor mentioned that there was no vaccine for it so I thought might be important. I'm immunised against Hep A (from travelling) but that is another one I don't really need to worry about. I had a whole load of tests done after getting back from travelling and I'm all clear so want to stay that way.

    I've become really pro-active about preventative health at the moment, I'm even considering getting this year's flu vaccine, something I have never done before.

    I don't do drugs (not my thing) so I don't know as much as I should about all the different viruses. Thanks for sharing your info, you guys are great. :-)

  6. You are welcome Lucy, I try my best to promote safe sex, safe drug use etc and to be informative about it. I guess having been into all that so long it is knowledge I have picked up and learnt on the way, and prevention sure is better than cure! All should be safe if all drug users use all their own equipment, and if sex workers offer no unprotected services, and get checked out if a rubber bursts or anything like that. The truth is that you are more likely to catch something if you do stuff regular with the same person, cos if they have it they expose you to it more than just once....but still better be safe than sorry as most STDs are cureable anyway.

    There are some young girls out there who sell cheap and are willing to do things my generation generally won' is not as easy as it once was. But young sex workers often in this country offer bareback, they assume disease has gone away! Just because you don't hear so much about it don't mean it don't exist....and then they put themselves and others at risk, as many clients don't give a damn, they will pay more for it without a rubber. And likely pay for the privilege of having an STD too, as if a bit of extra pleaure is worth risking your health, for god's sake guys!

    I have been to New Zealand once and visited the prostitutes collective in New Zealand, they told me about the laws there and I wrote about it.....I don't think the idea of making it illegal to not use a rubber is a bad thing.....because if clients pressure you, all you have to say is that it is against the law and you cannot, simple. I often get asked for oral without (which I don't do) and clients can be persistent about it.....ok, so it may not carry so much of a health risk as full sex, but still a slight one....Even women my age tend to do it because they fear they won't make money otherwise. But for me it is the intimacy issue, for me French kissing or oral sex is more intimate to me than regular sex...that is why I won't let clients put their tongue in my mouth nor will I give unprotected blow jobs....when I explain about the intimacy factor it tends to work better than the health one...