Sunday, March 7, 2010

Working during my period

This post was bound to happen sometime. I have my period for 5 days out of each 30, I work 3 days out of 30, one day I was going to work a shift while I had my period. My period is ridiculously heavy for the first 30 hours and then very light for the rest of the time. On Saturday I happened to work during that 1st 30 hours.

I thought I had it all under control. I have had sex during my period before with the assistance of a fantastic product recommended to me by Amazon called a Beppy. It's an artificial sponge that has been shaped to sit over the cervix and collect the blood, it has a hole molded in one side that you can hook a finger into to retrieve. Beppys even come in a lovely 'wet' variety that have a nice smelling lube that makes it easier for insertion and kind of cleans as it goes in. Wonderful product. Not sold in New Zealand (I'll probably buy them online and get them sent over... it's worth it).

I had a menstrual sponge which I thought was the same. Mistake. Firstly the sponge was natural so it was inconsistently textured and not as dense at the beppy, therefore it couldn't hold as much blood. Secondly it wasn't as soft as a beppy and I thought it might have been felt by the clients. and thirdly there was no hole, it's a sphere, which meant the easiest way of getting it out was to pry it way from the sides with the tips of the fingers or use an opposable thumb... thumbs are much shorter than other digits and this is not an easy task. Removal involved squatting at the bottom of the shower attempting to retrieve this elusive device that had been pushed way, way up there. Fortunately the heavy bleeding meant the sponge was full of liquid and easier to retrieve. If I couldn't get it out I would have had to had a bath to fill it with water and dig it out then. It's a messy and unglamorous business. Of course done only after the client had left the room.

I had two jobs, both lovely men, and at the end of both jobs there was blood on the end of the condom. Eugh. On both occasions I swiftly move in and removed the condom, folding into a tissue before they noticed. During orgasm a part of the brain shuts down, there's an interesting article about it on How Stuff Works. So while they slowly recovered full brain function it was not too difficult to sneak that past the clients. And there was no blood anywhere else so I think I managed to get away with it this time.

What I have learnt for next time: 1. Avoid working during the heaviest time of my period, 2. when using a sponge only put it in just before sex, use a tampon for the rest of the time and 3. get some Beppys from Europe.


  1. I tend to make sure I remove a tampax not long before, then put a fresh one and remove it, then take off the condom before they guy noticed once and he was ok due to the use it was only on the rubber and all. That was the time I came on unexpectedly while trying to pick up a clent, brought him back and then he noticed I got messy too, was not a good time to come on at all. Normally I come on in the morning, that was at night of all times. I've heard of women using sponges but never done that myself, just done as you do.
    I don't bleed very heavy anyway but the first day tends to be heavier which means I just change the tampax more regular...some guys aren't even that bothered but some are.....guess it is different with clients but the last three men I had relationships with have not been bothered about it too much.

    Some women don't like having sex on their period, some prostitutes take the day off...I remember when working in a brothel and tried to think of a valid excuse to phone in sick....someone suggested I say I was on, I said that be no excuse as the Madame herself (a retired prostitute) had always used sponges and instructed her employees to do the same...She wasn't all that nice to work for, bossy, rigid etc, a few bad experiences have put me off working in brothels for life, much better from home, you just have to put more effort in. Besides, brothels normally charge extortionate commission rates......

    Meanwhile Lucy I will check out this Beppy product, thx for informing me via your blog! x

  2. Hi Snow Queen, I enjoy your blog, it's nice to be a voyeur in someone else's life.

    I like my brothel because I don't have to do any promotion or marketing. Also I don't have to bother cleaning up or anything. I get a 50% cut, which I find fair. The only thing that annoys me is the "shift fee" which is standard across the whole sex industry here and in a lot of countries. It's $20 per shift. In want other industry is that acceptable?

    Beppys are good to try, I recommend the wet ones you can buy them in sex shops in the bigger cities.

  3. Hi Lucy,

    Funny, I just wrote a post about why I don't like working in brothels, although I had mentioned it before. The 50% cut may be fair enough, but there are other issues, paying someone for marketing and using their place is one thing...but when they dictate prices, everything...see my blog. But different people suit different things, some like the brothel thing because you get security as well as promotion, also don't have to clean up etc. I've often argued for unionisation of sex workers, that way shift fees etc would not be gotten away with so easily, but the underground nature of the whole thing makes it harder to do.

    Will check out the beppys.

  4. Hey babe,

    Jumping up and down 'slowly' and 'heavily' a few times, making sure you relax your pelvic area can sometimes help a sponge come 'down'.

    With natural sponge, which I actually have used a lot, you have to be a little bit careful of the quality; you don't want it to be crumbly, but if you have a good and reasonable soft one, you can use it over and over again by boiling it out in between with a drop of tea tree oil for antibacterial effect. I actually used to poke (with a needle) a thick piece of cotton string through and tie the ends. Not long enough to hang out, but just long enough to get a hold of the thing. You need good quality sponge for that though. Still, most of them are quite rough, and they are expensive, so not worth it if you only use them once.

    Let me know if I need to send you some Beppies. In Romania now, but heading to UK for Easter weekend...


  5. Amazon you are a world of incredible knowledge. I continue to adore you. X

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  7. Hello everyone I've have use the round cosmetics sponges but what really works best for me are the baby wipes especially pampers brand with a bit of lube it works wonders and it's easier to take out than a cosmetic sponge because it doesn't crumble or rip apart a little pushing and digging and it's out and I have to say with the sponge since I have the mirena birth control it's harder with the sponge cause it goes further up

  8. Hi Lucy! Thanks for sharing your experience! I have worked in the sex industry myself and it was always terrible to have sex during my period. I used Beppy tampons, but in some strange sex positions they still don't stop the bleeding. I guess it's better to stop during your menstruation :). Good luck :)!