Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting better

I've had some interesting clients, and I'm getting regulars. Overall business dropped off rapidly for a while but is slowly coming back. When I started 4 jobs was average, now the days are only one of two jobs with a lot of waiting around in between. There's several contributing factors, I'm no longer new, so business from brothel regulars will drop off for me unless I can get my own personal regulars. The brothel's website has been down for over 2 months, I think in the sex industry if you don't have an online presence you are totally invisible to potential new clients, and it looks like my brothel has no intention of getting the site up again. Finally, business is slow all over, the agency Dorian works for normally has 6 clients per day, some days now it only gets one. I guess as an economic indicator the sex industry lags rather than leads.

I've started to get some really fabulous regulars. There is a beautiful gentleman who sees me monthly, the first time he brought chocolates, as he has got to know me he has begun bringing me books - non-fiction, Christopher Hitchens and the like. It's really sweet and he totally spoils me. Another weekly regular that I look forward to seeing is a young man who enjoys a really intimate hour and a half of holding and kissing. he is one of those clients I always want to ask what brings them to a brothel. And then there is one other who also likes the 'girlfriend experience' who has become a regular, he is overweight, it has opened my eyes up to overweight people, there is something actually quite nice about being with a larger man, they are warmer, more huggable and soft in a very comforting way.

I hope I don't become complacent or bored, I want to be able to maintain the same standard of service over a long period of time. Satisfying my clients tends to give me a great deal of satisfaction myself.

There is a regular in the brothel who I have had a job with once... actually there a several regulars who come to the brothel who I have had a job with once. We call them tire-kickers or time-wasters. But this particular one is a bit draining, he haggles, and haggles, asking if he can come twice, or more, asking if he has to take a shower, asking if I can extend the time, asking if we can do a deal. He's asian which doesn't help with racial stereotyping. I'm going to give myself a rule that if I can't get him to make a booking in 10 minutes I'm going to walk away. He's just not worth it. It's a brothel, not a bar or a drop in centre.

I've had a bit of an emotional week, I broke it off with the boy. He is really lovely and I absolutely fancy the pants off him, but he wasn't treating me very well, he hasn't been telling whole truths and also making commitments (like spending more time with me, doing more stuff together etc) that he just can't honour. I know that he likes me too, and that he does want to be able to be with me but he just doesn't have the time for me, and as much as it hurts me to break it I kind of have to. I can't accept being treated badly even if it means the alternative is the horrible empty loneliness of having something lovely for a very brief period of time and then losing it.

Wow, bit of a rant there, I'm still a bit fragile and tender.

But in other news (good news too) I have managed to get a spot for a week in an amazing brothel in Sydney. So I'm popping over to Australia for a weeks working holiday. If this works out I'll take more trips over. The prostitution laws in Australia are similar to New Zealand. I'm looking forward to it.

Also I brought a strap-on and have started writing a menu of extras that I thought I might like to offer. I'll let you know once I have it worked out.

Shifts worked: 25
Total jobs: 76
Unique clients: 59


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