Monday, April 5, 2010

Getting it on... line

I'm developing an stronger online presence. My profile picture is now of me, yes, that is actually me with the majority of my face cut out and no tattoos showing. I also now have a twitter page for discovering and sharing interesting tweetable links and info that we stumble upon along the way. You can find me at .

I was thinking as I cropped out my own face who I was protecting by hiding my part-time occupation. Really, my family are pretty open minded, they know me and they know I make often strange lifestyle choices but my choices are reasoned and I have a good sense of balance. Sure my mother wouldn't brag about it to her friends, but she was very tolerant when I tried my hand (tits, arse) at lap dancing a few years ago. My friends also know me and they are open minded. It's all the other people, the people that I perhaps shouldn't care about.

I don't want any of the customers from my day job to know I spend 11 hours a week being a whore because they might not see it the same way that I do and judge me or my company. I don't want to hear the opinions of my flatmates' friends or my workmates' friends or my friends' friends on the sex industry or what it means to be a hooker. So I don't tell anyone to protect myself from other people's judgement. Some days I think I should be braver than that, other days I think I'm a very wise woman with a good sense of self preservation.

I must say though I have a lot of admiration for those who work in the porn industry and those working girls who have their faces showing on brothel websites and escort forums.

Work on Saturday was good, one lovely regular and a couple of new clients. One bought me a box of delicious handmade Belgium chocolates. Yum.

I'm getting better at talking dirty too, I had a client who spent 3 hours talking about fantasies. That was fun, I would just take his ideas and run with them thrown in a few extra adjectives along the way. I also had another client who was into stockings, this foot fetish thing was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. He was not very clear about his kink. He asked if my stockings were laddered or dirty, I said no (because they weren't) he was most disappointed because that was what he was into. If he had just said that to begin with I would have been happy to play along. It's all about communication in the end.

Shifts worked: 14
Total jobs: 51
Unique clients: 46


  1. Us blokes are a strange bunch aren't we?
    Glad you are feeling more confident and gaining further skills...

  2. Hiya,

    I used to get confused or not be sure sometimes what a client wanted if they brought a topic up. I developed the strategy of saying "Would you like that/Would you like me to be.../Would you like them to be..." in a really dirty suggestive sexy voice. That way, you can run with it if it's the right thing, but a client can back out gracefully if not.
    And unless you are role-playing a specific scenario (No daddy, I haven't been naughty...") most questions clients ask will be designed with a yes-response in mind, because they are in a yes-mood and thinking about what they want and what they want to happen.

  3. Thanks dan.


    Once again, your insights are genius. and now that your have said it, obvious. I also like that you give practical, usable tips with examples.

    The whole yes-response thing makes so much sense.