Saturday, January 30, 2010

My first rejected client

Another day shift at the brothel, I have settled into if comfortably although I'm missing having a 2 day weekend. I do well, I have one definite regular and have received positive feedback. I've noticed that although I'm older, shorter, fatter and less provocatively dressed than the other girls I often do better.

Yesterday I got my first cancelation/rejection. A client had spent a lot of time in the lounge treating it more like a pub than a brothel, he was quite drunk. Deciding to be a bit cheeky and not to waste my time I simply said "Are you booking or looking luv?" With that he booked one hour. At the base of the stairs he grabbed my butt, I told him he had to wait till we were in the room. At the top of the stairs he did it again - "look honey, you got to understand that I don't tolerate bad behaviour, so before we go into this room you have got to understand that there are rules and etiquette and if you play up I have not problem in kicking you out." He didn't appreciate my tone or attitude so decided to cancel.

He hung around in the brothel and complained to the other girls and clients that he was being bossed around, not the best but I think empathy was biased on my side. One of the girls said that he is pretty rough even when not drunk, so even though I felt a bit shaky afterwards I was the right call and I'm glad I laid down the law.

Best thing I got from that is knowing that the shift manger had got my back. Totally. She had no qualms offering to transfer the client's hour to another girl, and when he decided to eventually leave she had no qualms giving him a full refund. She also didn't feel the need to ask me why he came back down stairs, I never had to justify or explain the clients dissatisfaction. That was cool.

I'm providing a service, I want to do the best job can, I have pride in my work, I endeavour to show each client a good time. This only works with a mutual respect and understanding. One of the understandings is that that room is my room and I set the rules and limits.

In other news, outside of work, I fancy a boy. This is new for me, I have been single for a long time, and what's playing on my head as we start dating is, when and how do I tell someone I want a sexual relationship with that I also have sex with other people? I believe in honesty, but I also believe in self preservation.


  1. In my opinion, and roughly speaking, in terms of categorising why punters pick the girls they do, there are two camps.
    Some guys want to possess the dream and want to touch/fuck/get attention from/manipulate/possess/satisfy a woman they believe would normally not look at them, a woman that is out of their reach... The other camp are the guys who want to believe this could actually be real and they will never pick a woman they believe they could not 'have' in real life.

    Of course, the two categories bleed into each other and some guys start believing in themselves more just by being with a woman they would normally perceive as unattainable, which can be part of the allure. Vice versa, a punter who picks a girl he does not necessarily perceive as the most stunning in the place can start to see her as the most beautiful thing in the world because of the way she treats him and makes him feel.

    As a working gal you can work both sides to your advantage by understanding why a guy is in there. You might already do this naturally, but it can be interesting to think about and analyse.

    Of course, both sets of punters come with their own downfalls. Category 1 might treat you like crap because they think it's included in the price to take out their resentment on you for falling in a better-looking social class and because it makes them feel better and superior (or they think it does). Category 2 is more prone to fall in love with you and truly misread the situation and forget the bit where they paid for the attention.

    Of course many punters straddle the fence of these two categories, but their behaviour at least can often be classified as being motivated (consciously or subconsciously) by either set of reasons. In dealing with punters by analysing their behaviour in this way I always felt more in control and better able to meet their needs while keeping myself safe (even switching to the appropriate mode mid-date to match them).

    You will find your own balance and it might be different; I'm curious. But the above might hand you a tool in your thought process about it.

    I think you did well. You drew a line, as much for him as for yourself and you had the guts to stick with it. It also shows your manager you are able to deal with difficult clients, but are unwilling to deal with them beyond a certain point. That is good. As I did mostly outcalls and had no experience of my clients before the dates (and had to trust my manager blindly) I had to smarten up quickly and being able to read my clients and control the situation were essential, but also the hardest part...


    P.S. Don't tell the boy. At least wait...

  2. Hi Amazon,

    Wow, that was quite an analysis. I'm going to have to look more at those patterns. I have already found a 3rd category (my favourite clients): those who just want sex, not a girlfriend-experience and not an exceptional sexual encounter, just sex without the stings and the emotions.

    It might be that New Zealand men are different, or that the brothel environment I'm working in is different. I find those clients easiest to satisfy.

    And, er, I told the boy, there was a juncture in the conversation where I either had to start lying, or start telling the full truth, I did't really want to start lying, I'm not very good at it. Anyway, more about that in the next post.

    Thanks Amazon, you're awesome.

  3. Wow, a third category... I never came across that one. Though it makes sense.

    I think I might have been in a different environment and that the agency I worked through charged so much maybe it became unattractive as a 'just sex' option?
    Hmmm... Just sex. That sounds awesome!

    I'm happy the boy thing worked out. I also think I'm more comfortable with lying, which is not necessarily good, so your way was better.